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Canik Guns

Find Canik Guns for sale online at Outstanding Firearms. You can buy Canik Pistols online with confidence from our shop and we get it shipped to your FFL in no time. We take pride in our products and deliver what we promise. Canik, known worldwide for ‘intelligent engineering’, is one of the leaders in the global firearms market. With  roots in the aerospace and industrial sector, Canik has been producing professional-grade striker-fired handguns at affordable prices. With great capabilities to rapidly source raw materials for extensive manufacturing facilities, along with extensive relationships for global distribution, Canik firearms meet and exceed all military and law enforcement standards, while maintaining a competitive price structure. Are you in search of Canik guns online? you’ve definitely come to the right place, we offer popular Canik Pistols like the Canik TP9SFX, Canik TP9SF, Canik TP9 Elite SC and many others.

7 Reasons To Own A Canik Gun


CANiK is a pistol manufacturer company with the most government contract wins in the world. All firearms and accessories have been proven over and over again in battle zones. Today, CANİK products are the closest friends of service members who work everywhere; from rainforests to deserts, from the world’s highest snowy mountains to the salty rough oceans.


Undoubtedly, the dispersion performance of a gun on the target is the biggest indicator of that gun’s performance. CANİK firearms have the best dispersion performance in the world.


CANiK manufactures the world’s best mass-produced trigger mechanism. Thanks to this legendary trigger performance, the shooter’s comfort is maximized during fast follow-up shots.


The top priority of CANiK engineers is to maximize shooting comfort. To achieve that, we work with the best shooters in the world to get their feedback. We do extensive research and produce our firearms with the most suitable ergonomic design for our customers.


CANiK makes the world’s most durable barrels with a barrel life of up to 50,000 rounds. This is made possible thanks to the technology from our aerospace and aviation background.


All CANİK products are designed according to the inputs given by special forces operators and incorporate state-of-the-art technology. Our products’ unique design ensures users easy maintenance & parts replacement even in the most demanding operational and environmental conditions.


CANiK offers one of the largest accessory programs in the world with over 400 selected firearm accessories designed, tested, and approved by R&D engineers.

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